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In this piece I wanted to explore the interface between color and greyscale. I have always been one to work in monotone -- I’m not sure why, it’s just been a lifelong habit. Much of the backing music is about rhythm and spacing and intensity than melody or harmony or anything we find particularly “colorful”. The central square represents the source of the all powerful beat behind the subdivisions which create the complex rhythms. It bleeds into the surrounding universe creating sounds and colors. Sometimes it is surrounded in clouds, as when the bottom of the track is rising. Sometimes the square is overshadowed, as when the track is falling, and sometimes the square itself is more of a timekeeper, falling into and out of frame in predecible time.
Color however, is inescapable. It is organic where the drums are robotic. Color is written in fractal geometry and overlapping hues. The color symbolizes the eventual chaos and birth that the music spends most of its time building and alluding to. Near the end, in the largest creciendos, the central square itself takes life as an entity and as the entire universe shudders, it takes its leave of the confines under which it was once placed.
Come the end however, a circle is made. This circle is found in all things, and as such the square must make its return to form as the heartbeat of the imaginary universe, fading out almost entirely until it reclaims the idea of being ever present, if never noticed.
The critique I got for this was focused mainly around the length. I wholeheartedly agree that it is too long. The song gave me no places to break (in my mind at least). I tried multiple songs, I tried procedurally generated sound, but nothing worked. I decided upon this piece partially because the simplicity of Macadam (by Rone) was such that a longer, simple video, if treading on the side of boring, would be at least thematically whole.